Archaeology class 8-20
Virtual Engineering
Virtual Psychology Class: Awareness Gaps Lecture
Josh Wheeler: Presidential Election Chat
Traditions Panel: May 5, 2020
Leadership Panel: April 30, 2020
Current Student Q & A panel: April 25, 2020
President Woo Welcome: April 25, 2020
Financial Aid Session: April 25, 2020
Dean Teresa Garret Welcome: April 24, 2020
Psychology Class with Jessica Salvatore: April 24, 2020
English & Creative Writing Class with John Gregory Brown: April 24, 2020
Athletics Panel: April 24, 2020
Graduate School Panel: April 20, 2020
Pre-vet, Pre-med, and Biology Zoom Discussion: April 15, 2020
Meredith McCool: Vocabulary Acquisition guest lecture
Meredith McCool: Structured Academic Controversy guest lecture
Meredith McCool: Primary Source Document Analysis guest lecture
Meredith McCool: Jigsaw guest lecture
Meredith McCool: Integrative Model guest lecture
Devised Theatre final projects – Spring 2020
Young Alumnae Career Panel: March 24, 2020
Abraham Yousef: CHEM 231 guest lecture
John Morrissey: The Human Heart guest lecture
John Morrisey Welcome to College
Kaelyn Leake: Lecture-Electrical Circuits
Dwana Waugh: New Negro guest lecture