A 3,250-acre campus with a worldwide classroom.

Before you go out into the world as a graduate, you’re encouraged to go out into the world as a student through Sweet Briar’s study abroad program and internships.

Since Sweet Briar has developed international relationships for more than 60 years, our study abroad program is among the richest and most diverse in the country. You can spend a summer, a semester or a full year overseas in any of a number of countries, where you’ll study at an internationally renowned institution, perhaps live with a host family, learn the culture and develop new perspectives. For example, our JYF in Paris (JYF) is the longest-running coeducational intercollegiate program in France.

With an internship, you can graduate with experience in your field. And that’s the case no matter your course of study, since internships can be tailored to any academic program. Take advantage of our proximity to Washington, D.C., or talk to us about studying or interning virtually anywhere in the world. Our connections are your connections, and they have no boundaries.