You will thrive here.

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Behind every Sweet Briar woman is a team who believes in her and will ensure that her experience is one where she will grow and thrive.

Our staff and faculty are united in a common cause: to be the mentors you’ve always wanted, and to empower you to grow as a bold, independent thinker.

The Office of Student Life works closely with the academic dean and her staff to develop and strengthen meaningful opportunities for students. Initiatives are based on a co-curricular model — to expand and support learning, in and out of the classroom.

Examples include:

  • An Outdoor Program caving trip that also explores earth science concepts
  • Student-planned, campus-wide activities that provide real-world experience in marketing and management
  • Student life and the dean’s office collaborating to help a student apply for a study abroad program or providing guidance throughout the honors curriculum
  • Daily contact with a peer academic mentor who will help you achieve academic success
  • Daily interaction with a residential advisor who provides leadership and support

The Office of Student Life — outdoor programs, spiritual and community life and others — help build our intentionally intimate campus. Here, good times and meaningful connections are always close by, and people genuinely look out for one another. This sort of collaborative community helps every one thrive and excel.

Your College experience is more than just what you learn inside a classroom; it’s also what you learn outside of the classroom. Campus life teaches you about yourself and gives you experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.