Tap Clubs

QVs at Step Singing
QVs at Step Singing, Spring 2016

Tap clubs are Sweet Briar’s answer to sororities. They are selective groups of students that have some sort of common interest. Each club has its own protocol regarding selection.

Students can become members of these tap clubs through various processes including election, application and sometimes audition. Tapping is typically a boisterous and exciting event (when it is not secretive) during which the tap club’s song can be heard throughout campus. Members are given hats in the club’s colors that are decorated and adorned with a symbol by current members.

Students can be members of more than one tap club, although there are restrictions. For example, students are usually not in both rival tap clubs, and a student can only belong to one of the “core four” tap clubs — Bum Chums, Chung Mungs, QVs or Tau Phi.


Tap clubs are limited-membership groups with at least 10 active, interested members, including officers. New members are chosen by current members. Tap clubs are under the governance of the Inter-club Council (ICC) but do not receive funding from the Student Government Association.

Active Tap Clubs for 2020 – 2021

  • Aints ‘n’ Asses — Sweet Briar’s comedy troupe. Each semester, they put together an hourlong “Ass Show” — in addition to being responsible for leading Sweet Briar in traditions such as Spirit Week and the Freshman Show. Asses are known for being decked out in ridiculous attire and incurring spontaneous hilarity. Rival: Paint ‘n’ Patches. Colors: Blue and red.
  • BAM — BAM is the newest tap club on campus and comprised of women who demonstrate an interest in community service and campus improvement. Previous projects include dining hall dish collection, synchronizing clocks around campus, hosting brunch for the residence hall housekeepers, and small expressions of gratitude for the faculty. They don’t have a rival tap club. Colors: Pink and blue.
  • Bum Chums — During sophomore year, the Bum Chums attempt to discover the identities of the new QVs by hosting events intended to help sophomores bond. On special days, they wear bells that have been passed down for many years. Community service is a big part of the club. At least once a month, Bum Chums sponsor a community service event. Rival: QVs. Colors: Red and white.
  • Chung Mungs — Known as the “friendly ghosts,” they are among the nicest students on campus and have 13 members for each incoming tap year. Chung Mungs believe that their educational experience at Sweet Briar can be further enriched and deepened through a close association with a congenial group of girls. The club organizes projects that benefit the Sweet Briar community as a whole. Rival: Tau Phi. Colors: Black and white.
  • Earphones — The Earphones are dedicated to supporting Sweet Briar athletics. Known for being loud, proud and spirited, they can be found at every athletic event. Rival: Sweet Tones. Colors: Yellow and orange.
  • Falls on Nose — The tap club known for “falling on their noses” to help out our community and others around us. Rival: Taps ‘n’ Toes. Colors: Black and blue.
  • Paint ‘n’ Patches — This club supports the Sweet Briar College theater program and shares its enthusiasm for the performing arts with the rest of the campus. Founded in 1909, it is the oldest tap club. Rival: Aints ‘n’ Asses. Colors: Purple and green.
  • QVs — The members of this sophomore honorary society are elected by their classmates in the spring of freshman year for the spirit and enthusiasm they have displayed. Often found in the wee hours of the morning dressed in crazy costumes trying to avoid their rivals, their purpose is to promote class spirit. Their names are kept a secret until the Spring Step Singing of their sophomore year. Rival: Bum Chums. Colors: Green and black.
  • Sweet Tones — A student-run a cappella group that sings a variety of music and performs multiple times a semester. The Sweet Tones are the first tap club to tap in the fall. Students from any class year can audition to be in Sweet Tones. Rival: Earphones. Colors: White and purple.
  • Taps ‘n’ Toes — A tap club with a strong dedication to the dance program on campus. Taps ‘n’ Toes promotes the SBC dance program and all dance-related events on campus, and supports the surrounding community through its love of dance. Rival: Falls on Nose. Colors: Pink and black.
  • Tau Phi — This club celebrates Sweet Briar’s academic diversity by supporting a multitude of events on and off campus. Tau Phis are upperclasswomen who choose members based on their appreciation for, and excellence in, their academic field. Members demonstrate a passion for education and help enrich the educational life of all SBC students. Rival: Chung Mungs. Colors: Red and black.