SGA and Class Officers: 2018-2019

SGA Executive Officers

President Caroline Thomas ’19
Vice President Cailey Cobb ’20
Secretary Kendall Nicely ’21
Treasurer Heather Lakner ’19
Electoral Officer Libby O’Donnell ’21
Publicity Officer Aoife Magner ’19
Academic Affairs Chair Victoria Stacpoole ’20
Academic Affairs Vice Chair Maya White ’19
Inter Club Council President Olympia LeHota ’20
CEO President Wizzie Christopher ’20
Judicial Committee Nonacademic Chair Emily Schlosberg ’19
Judicial Committee Academic Chair Taylor Jefferson ’19
Judicial Committee Secretary Maya White ’19
Nontraditional Student Representative Julie Horton ’20
Inclusivity Liaison Olivia Byrd ’19
Advisor Jess Austin

Class Officers

Class of 2019
President Emily Schlosberg
Vice President Nicole Sabovik
Treasurer Chanel Friedrich
Academic Affairs Committee Representative Maya White
Judicial Committee Representatives Nora Baron and Emily Schlosberg
Class of 2020
President Courtney Nelson
Vice President McKenna Snyder
Secretary Taylor Allen
Treasurer Brooke Burnett
Academic Affairs Committee Representatives Corey Lamas and Jordyn Elliot
Judicial Committee Representatives Cassidy Bodkin and Margaret Lamphier Meier
Class of 2021
President Madeleine McAllister
Vice President Sara Ahson
Secretary Sammy Runyon
Treasurer Angelika Lindberg
Academic Affairs Committee Representative Abby Cross
Judicial Committee Representatives Audrey Malone and Caroline Potts
Class of 2022
President Taylor Shaw
Vice President Meenakshi Verma
Secretary Emma Hines
Treasurer Jaqueline Vari
Academic Affairs Committee Representative Rachel Davis
Judicial Committee Representative Tatum Wallis