Mike Davis

Mike DavisAssistant Professor of Biology
Pre-medicine Advisor

P | 434-381-6365
E | mrdavis@sbc.edu
O | Guion Science Center | First Floor, 123

B.S., Biology | University of Virginia
M.S., Biological Sciences | University of Virginia
Ph.D., Microbiology | University of Virginia

Professor Davis studied the molecular biology of infectious diseases at the University of Virginia before joining the faculty at Sweet Briar College in 2013. He is a broadly trained cell biologist who teaches courses in genetics, microbiology, infectious disease, cell biology and introductory courses in biology. In addition, he serves as the pre-medical adviser, preparing students for careers in medicine and associated disciplines. He has expanded his research interests into characterizing the bacteria that live on Sweet Briar’s 3,250-acre campus. He also is researching the evolution of glyphosate resistance in these microbes. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the world’s most widely used herbicide, Round-Up. He welcomes enthusiastic, hard-working undergraduates for research projects in his laboratory.