Linda Fink

Linda FinkDorys McConnell Duberg Professor of Ecology

P | 434-381-6436
E |
O | Guion Science Center | First Floor, 121

B.A., Biology | Amherst College
M.S., Zoology | University of Florida
Ph.D., Zoology | University of Florida

Professor Fink’s research interests include arthropod behavior and ecology, and she has published about caterpillars, butterflies and spiders. Fink is currently working with Lincoln Brower to explore why monarch butterflies are so selective about their Mexico wintering sites, and is investigating sexual selection and sperm competition in the northern walkingstick insect, Diapheromera femorata.

Fink is concerned by the effects of invasive organisms on the ecological communities they invade and, as a field biologist on a 2,840-acre campus, researches the ecology of Sweet Briar’s hardwood forests, open fields and freshwater habitats.

Please refer to Professor Fink’s CV for more information.