Lili Lei

Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

P | 304-888-8807
E |
O | Guion Science Center | First Floor, 123

B.S., Forestry Sciences | Central South University of Forestry and Technology, China
M.S., Silviculture | China Forestry Science Academe
Ph.D., Plant and Soil Sciences | West Virginia University

I completed my Ph.D. in plant and soil sciences at West Virginia University in Summer 2020. My current research interests include plant reproductive biology as well as plant and soil ecology. Specifically, land-use management practices on ecological functions of the various agricultural ecosystems, for example, carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry. I have experience in applying plant and soil science concepts in answering a wide range of agricultural and environmental related questions: surface water pollution; productivity of horticultural crops, and soil sustainability.

I am a naturalist who loves to immerse myself in nature and educate students to learn how plant and soil ecology benefit our society. I enjoy teaching courses including introductory biology, geographic information system, and future plant and environmental science related courses. The 3250-acre campus is a great place with abundant resources to explore all kinds of interesting things with students.