Julia B. Waxter Environmental Forum

The┬áJulia B. Waxter Environmental Forum is supported by an endowment established by the late Julia Baldwin Waxter ’49 and her husband, Bill. In addition to presenting a public lecture, each forum speaker interacts with environmental science students through class visits, a dinner and informal conversations.

2018 Ginette Hemley Wildlife conservation: Senior vice president for wildlife conservation at the World Wildlife Fund
2016 Joan Maloof Scientist/writer: Old-growth forest conservation
2015 Burt English Agricultural economics: Biofuels
2014 Josh Fox Filmmaker: “Gasland”
2013 Barbara Kingsolver Writer: “Flight Behavior”
2012 Brian Donahue Historian: Environmental history (forests, agriculture, New England)
2010 Amanda Griscom Little Journalist
2009 Scott Russell Sanders Writer: Fiction and non fiction, including “A Conservationist Manifesto”
2008 William Schlesinger Scientist: Biogeochemist, dean of Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
2007 Michael Pollan Writer: “Omnivore’s Dilemma”
2006 W. Tayloe Murphy, Jr. Government: Virginia’s secretary of natural resources from 2002-2005
2005 Mark Hertsgaard Journalist: “Earth Odyssey”
2004 E. O. Wilson Scientist: Biodiversity loss
2003 Severn Cullis-Suzuki Young activist: Intergenerational justice
2002 Michael Mann and Pat Michaels Scientists: Climate change debate
2001 Julia Butterfly Hill Young activist: Saving California’s redwoods
2000 David Orvos Scientist: Ecotoxicology
1999 Adam Werbach Young activist: Young president of the Sierra Club