James Kirkwood

James KirkwoodProfessor of Mathematics

P | 434-381-6285
E | jrkirkwood@sbc.edu
O | Guion Science Center | Second Floor, A208

B.S., Mathematics | Southeast Missouri State College
M.A., Mathematics | University of Oklahoma
Ph.D., Mathematics | University of Virginia

Jim Kirkwood has published more than 10 mathematics textbooks on various topics, including calculus, real analysis, probability, mathematical biology and mathematical physics. His newest text, “Advanced Linear Algebra,” to be published by Taylor and Francis, will be out in 2017. His original research was in mathematical physics, and he co-authored the seminal paper in a topic now called Kirkwood-Thomas Theory in mathematical physics. During the summer, he teaches real analysis to entering graduate students at the University of Virginia. He has been awarded several National Science Foundation grants. In 2016, he was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia — the commonwealth’s highest honor for faculty at Virginia’s public and private colleges and universities. Later that year, he also received the H. Hiter Harris, Jr. Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, given out annually by the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges.