Adam Spontarelli

Adjunct Instructor of Engineering

P | 434-381-6269
E |
O | Guion Science Center | Lower Level, 015

B.S., Mechanical Engineering | Virginia Military Institute
M.S., Mechanical Engineering | Virginia Tech

Adam began his career as a mechanical engineer in the nuclear industry, modeling the flow of fluid and heat through pipes and debris, around baffles and impellers, across differing liquids, gasses, and solids. If the laws of thermodynamics seemed to misbehave and joules of energy went missing, Adam helped find them. After nearly a decade in the field, he left his desk job to pursue his passion for science, engineering, and making by founding Vector Space.

Adam’s work in the computer science field includes the development of FORTRAN based thermal hydraulics codes and data analysis using the scientific Python suite. He has extensive experience using Python and C/C++ across a wide range of projects: developing the Cave thermostat; a Raspberry Pi powered RFID access system; a giant mesh-networked camera for concert events; a laser projected game of Pong; a robotic arm controlled by the playing of a piano; and much more. He has made contributions to the FreeCAD project, and is most interested in developing free and open source software relevant to the maker movement. Adam also started the Lynchburg Computer Club, which meets at Vector Space once a month, connecting programmers in the area across industries and interests.