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Rooted in knowledge of both humanities and the social sciences, history is fundamental to a liberal arts education. Historians gain understanding of our complex world by examining how and why human experiences change over time. By analyzing the past to discern why cultures developed as they did, students become informed, thoughtful and engaged citizens of the present.

What is distinctive about studying history at Sweet Briar?

  • The history program at Sweet Briar College provides students with support and guidance while improving their critical thinking and research skills.
  • One of our newest courses considers the historical foundations of modern Western legal systems and of perennially controversial legal issues. It’s an excellent addition to our pre-law offerings.
  • History majors are encouraged to pursue their academic interests and develop close relationships with faculty and other history majors.
  • Many of our students enroll in the Honors Program to construct independent research projects and delve deeply into specific topics.
  • Students complete internships at institutions where they apply their knowledge to projects that advance the goals of the sponsoring organization.
  • Many history majors study abroad to enrich their understanding of what they have learned at Sweet Briar.

What can you do with a degree in history?

  • Students of history at Sweet Briar College will be prepared for a wide range of careers that require broad knowledge of the human experience, as well as critical thinking, research and writing skills. These careers include law, journalism, politics and policy, technical writing, nonprofit administration, public relations, library and archival science, education and management consulting.
  • Recent alumnae have gone on to pursue graduate study in information technology, library and archival sciences, law, education, museum and gallery studies, archaeology, and international relations, as well as history.