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Our mission is to enable graduates to be successful in the complex and global world of business. Together with classes in Sweet Briar’s integrated core curriculum, you’ll graduate with a thorough understanding of multiple functional business disciplines explored within the legal and ethical issues in the world of business. A Sweet Briar business degree combines sound theory with experiential learning opportunities to give you the practical knowledge needed in graduate study and the professional world.

What is distinctive about studying business at Sweet Briar?

  • All business majors complete a Senior Capstone Project during their final year of study. This project is based on the entrepreneurial spirit of the program. Student projects range from business creation to product development.
  • Our program values experiential learning and applications of business methodology during undergraduate study. With support from faculty, Sweet Briar students explore entrepreneurial possibilities, engage with area business leaders and develop viable business models over the course of four years.

What can you do with a degree in business?

Based on a rich curriculum that encourages interdisciplinary learning and a global perspective, our business program enables graduates to join the business world in a range of industries and interests. From CEOs to financial analysts, Sweet Briar alumnae offer industry perspective and enrich the classroom experience through unique opportunities for internships, jobs and referrals.