Faculty Contact

Learn business from actual businesspeople.

At Sweet Briar, our business professors actually run businesses. So what you learn in our classes isn’t just theory or secondhand knowledge. You’ll create a business plan to market an invention by our engineering students. You’ll learn how local businesspeople thrive in the face of competition and challenges.

A popular major doesn’t have to be ginormous, too.

At most colleges and universities, business is the most popular undergraduate major. It’s hard to get a foothold when you’re one person in a sea of faces.

That doesn’t happen at Sweet Briar. From your very first week, you’ll work directly with professors who know you and have big expectations for you. Classes turn into real teams, with everyone pushing and supporting one another toward a common goal. That’s what business is like in the real world. Why not start in college?

Learn more than just business. Learn how to know your worth.

The Negotiation class at Sweet Briar is kind of legendary. For the final exam, every student has to negotiate a compensation package — her own.

We think it’s vitally important, since women still earn 10 to 20 percent less than men do. We’re determined to help change that — one woman at a time.