The study of the humanities and social sciences are a fundamental part of a liberal arts education. These subjects help us understand the heart of what it means to be human. They teach us to express ourselves and to live ethically. They help us understand where we come from and to use that knowledge to recognize and appreciate the complicated issues that we will face in the future.

Students who major in the humanities of social sciences at Sweet Briar College will be prepared for both work and graduate school. Our graduates have become pastors, language interpreters, museum curators, fundraisers, businesswomen, journalists and more. They’ve gone on to graduate school all over the world.

However, whether you major in one of these disciplines or not, our core curriculum will give you plenty of opportunities to delve into these important topics. You’ll study ethics and learn to communicate persuasively and effectively. You’ll understand the basics of finance and business. You’ll learn to appreciate fine and performing arts, and all of this will help you be a be a better leader in our modern world.