Reasonable Accommodations

Students who have a medical or psychological disability that requires a particular type of housing can request reasonable housing accommodations. The Fair Housing Act defines a disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Under this definition, an impairment is a disability if it substantially limits the ability of the person to perform a major life activity as compared to the average person in the general population. The definition also takes into account any mitigating measures, such as medication or other treatment or therapies the person is employing that may relieve the substantial limitations caused by the impairment. If the mitigating measure(s) eliminates the substantial limitations caused by the impairment, the person does not have a disability.

Any requests for reasonable accommodations must be submitted to Tony Ryals, Sweet Briar’s Student Success & Accessibility Services Director. You can contact Tony or Nakia Johnson, residence life manager, if you have questions about this process.

Residence Life Reasonable Accommodations Process:

  1. Complete the Reasonable Residential Accommodation Request (including all required supplementary documentation).
  2. Requests are reviewed by the Student Success & Accessibility Services Director as well as the director of student life. Subsequent to receipt of an application, there may be an interactive process with the requesting student to collect additional information or discuss a request in greater detail.
  3. Notification will be made via email about the outcome of the application. If approved, the student will work with the appropriate College administrator as indicated in the approval letter. If the application is denied, it can be appealed in writing to the 504 coordinator.

Please be advised that approval of an application does not necessarily guarantee the type of housing requested and is only applicable for the academic year in which it was submitted. Students must resubmit a new application and may need to submit updated medical documentation each year that a request is made.

The Section 504 officer for the College is Nickcole Maynard-Errami. She can be reached at  In this role, she oversees compliance with federal law.

Please note the following recommendations regarding timeliness of applications:

  • For new students, applications should be received prior to June 1 in order to be considered for priority housing assignment. After this date, available housing options may be limited.
  • For returning students, applications should be received prior to participating in housing selection during the spring semester. Students should apply by February 1 to be eligible for priority housing assignments. After this date, housing options may be limited.
  • For students with newly diagnosed disabilities or acute situations, the request should be submitted as soon as it is determined that a request for an accommodation is needed.