Guest Policy

A room or residence area belongs to all occupants. Compassion, compromise and respect are necessary to negotiate the use of the space. Care needs to be taken so as not to conflict with the rights and privacy of other students who are entitled to the use of the residence areas in a manner consistent with the design of the facility.

For fire regulations, there is a maximum occupancy per room. In the event that there are complaints about noise and/or other violations, guests may be asked to leave. Exterior doors to the residence halls should never be propped to allow access to guests or visitors, since this compromises the safety and security of others in the hall. At no time shall a Sweet Briar student permit her guest(s) to use her keys.

A guest is any student who is not assigned to that space, or who is not a Sweet Briar student. Students are responsible for the behavior and actions of their guests. For visits in excess of three consecutive nights, approval must be obtained from the Office of Student Life. This pertains to both male and female guests. Overnight visits should occur in accordance with the guest policy on a reasonable basis. In the event that visits are deemed excessive or disruptive, the dean of students shall review and approve guest privileges on a case-by-case basis.

Non-student visitors may be the guests of a Sweet Briar student in her residence hall room with the agreement of roommates and in accordance with the following regulations:

  • Guests should register their vehicles with campus safety upon entering campus.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to abide by, know and support the visitation hours. It is a student’s responsibility to accompany her guest(s) at all times when he/she is in a student residence area, or entering/leaving the area.
  • A student must receive full consent from her roommate(s) (after providing her roommate(s) with at least 24 hours advance notice) when inviting a guest to stay in their room overnight. Should this consent not be granted, the student’s guest should utilize other alternatives, i.e. the Elston Inn. Guests must comply with the policies established by community agreement for the use of residence hall showers and other facilities.

Questions should be directed to the Office of Student Life at 434-381-6134.