First-year Students

First-year StudentIn the summer before your first year at Sweet Briar, you’ll complete the New Student Information Form. The student life staff uses this important information to pair new students and make housing assignments. It’s crucial that you are honest in filling out this form — if you consider yourself a messy person, for example, be sure to answer the question about tidiness truthfully instead of what you might think a potential roommate wants to hear!

Other questions ask what time you go to bed and wake up, what you are looking for in a roommate, your ideas about sharing items, and more.

Once you’ve submitted the form, our student life staff gets to work. Some students will connect via the Sweet Briar Class of 2022 Facebook page and find a potential roommate that way. Other students meet at open house events and decide they make a good match. You’ll be able to indicate a roommate in mind by filling out the Roommate Request Form. Remember that both potential roommates must indicated a match in order to be placed together.

If you don’t have a roommate in mind, that’s okay! We’ll find a good fit for you based on your information.

You will receive your housing placement and roommate assignment by email in the middle of the summer. Keep an eye on your mailbox! Then, connect with your new roommate to discuss your decorating plans and get to know each other.