Excellent. Relevant. Affordable. Sweet Briar College is reinventing the ideal private liberal arts education for every young woman with the courage and grit to go after it.

Excellent. Relevant. Affordable.

We have announced two major strategic initiatives.

Sweet Briar’s liberal arts and sciences curriculum prepares women leaders in the complex environment of the 21st century. Recognizing that the liberal arts must be increasingly interdisciplinary and oriented toward problem-solving, Sweet Briar uniquely offers:

  • A core curriculum with a focus on women’s leadership;
  • Three interdisciplinary centers of excellence dedicated to solving contemporary problems through interdisciplinary learning; and
  • A 3-12-12-3-week academic calendar that incorporates short terms dedicated to experiential learning opportunities such as research, internships and study abroad. Every undergraduate student will be eligible for up to $2,000 to fund these experiences.

Academic Calendar

On top of these innovative offerings, Sweet Briar is affordable.


At $21,000 for tuition, Sweet Briar is competitive with selective public universities for Virginia residents and much more affordable for out-of-state students — and that’s before scholarships and need-based financial aid, which will continue. The College has more than 200 scholarships available for eligible students.

This tuition model makes your costs easy to figure out and plan for, regardless of your family’s income — and it comes with all the benefits of a private liberal arts college: small classes, excellent faculty and personalized attention.

President Woo has traveled to dozens of cities across the nation to talk about the advancement in liberal arts education taking place at Sweet Briar. If you have questions, she welcomes your emails at president@sbc.edu.