Transfer Credit Policy

    • Courses completed at other institutions will be given credit at Sweet Briar provided the course work represents relevant collegiate course work, with course content and level of instruction at least equivalent to those of students enrolled in Sweet Briar’s own undergraduate degree programs.
    • All transfer credit will be evaluated by the Office of the Registrar, who consults with members of the faculty when necessary. Official college, university or community college transcripts must be submitted to the registrar for evaluation.
    • No more than 60 semester hours of transfer credit will be counted toward the degree.
    • Courses offered for credit toward the major or minor must be approved by the appropriate program at Sweet Briar College and must conform to College policy as detailed below.
    • All college level courses, including JYF in Paris, in which a student has received a minimum grade of C- or “pass/fail,” if “pass” is the equivalent of a C- or above, will be considered for transfer.
    • Transfer credit is awarded grades of TR and is not calculated into the Sweet Briar grade point average (GPA).
    • Credit is tentative until the student has completed one year’s work at Sweet Briar with a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 2.000.
    • Transfer credit will be considered toward fulfilling leadership core requirements. Once a student matriculates at Sweet Briar, the remaining leadership core courses must be completed at Sweet Briar.

Dual Enrollment

Sweet Briar College accepts transfer credit for all dual enrollment courses that meet the College’s basic transfer criteria. The registrar, in consultation with each program, will determine whether or not these courses may count as the equivalent of courses offered by that program. If there is no program equivalent, courses may be granted generic, 100-level credit in the program. Only dual-enrollment courses transferred as Sweet Briar College course equivalents may be used to satisfy general education requirements.

Advanced Placement (AP)

A student who receives a score of 4 or 5 on an Advanced Placement test will be granted credit for a year’s course or for a term’s course, as well as exemption from both the program’s introductory course, if there is one, and any appropriate general education requirement. Students must request that Education Testing Service (ETS) send official score reports to the registrar.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Six semester hours of credit will be granted to a student presenting a score of five or higher on any of the International Baccalaureate higher-level examinations. On the recommendation of the individual program, advanced placement or credit, or both, may be awarded to a student presenting a score of 4 on any of the International Baccalaureate higher-level examinations.

Summer Coursework

A maximum of 18 semester hours of summer credit will be allowed toward the degree. In order to ensure that credit will be transferred, it is strongly recommended that students obtain written permission of the programs concerned and the registrar BEFORE enrolling for summer courses. If prior permission is not obtained, students must request approval of the courses no later than the end of the fall term following summer school, or no credit will be given.

For matriculated Sweet Briar students needing to satisfy Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), grades earned from pre-approved summer courses will transfer and be included in the Sweet Briar GPA calculation.

Note: Students who have earned an associate degree and transfer to Sweet Briar under an articulation agreement may have all associate degree summer courses transferred according to the College’s transfer credit policy. Transfer students for whom 18 or more summer credits are accepted will not be allowed to transfer additional credits for summer courses taken after they enroll at Sweet Briar.

Study Abroad

A maximum of 17 credits of transfer work will be accepted for students spending one semester abroad and a maximum of 35 credits for a year abroad.

Core Curriculum Policy for Transfer Students

For transfer students entering Sweet Briar College as of Fall 2019, an associate degree from a regionally accredited community college will replace Sweet Briar’s required leadership core. These students will be eligible to move directly into coursework that will fulfill the requirements of their major of choice. The associate degrees that are eligible under this agreement are: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Arts and Science. The qualifying associate degree must include a minimum of 30 semester credits for its general education requirement and students must have earned credit for at least one 3-credit course in each of the following areas:

  • humanities/fine arts
  • social/behavioral sciences
  • natural sciences/mathematics

Credit awarded by the community college for AP or IB examination scores will be re-evaluated by Sweet Briar College. If all of the AP and IB examination scores meet SBC criteria, the associate degree qualifies for this agreement. If there is AP or IB credit that does not meet SBC criteria, the student’s associate degree will be evaluated and applied to the leadership core requirements as appropriate.

Sweet Briar does not evaluate or grant credit for CLEP examinations. A student using CLEP credit to satisfy any associate degree requirement would not be eligible for this agreement. Instead, the associate degree credit will be evaluated and applied to the Leadership Core requirements as appropriate.

Students earning an associate degree concurrently with high school graduation (sometimes referenced as dual enrollment or Early College) are not eligible for admission under the above terms of this policy. These students should complete the undergraduate application process for first-year students. Community college credit earned by these students will be evaluated and accepted on a course-by-course basis. These students must complete the Leadership Core requirements at Sweet Briar College.

If you have questions on transfer credit policies or with how your transfer credit was awarded, please contact the Registrar’s Office or the Office of the Dean.