Transfer Credit Policy

  • All transfer credit will be evaluated by the Office of the Registrar.
  • No more than 60 semester hours of transfer credit will be counted toward the degree.
  • Courses offered for credit toward the major or minor must be approved by the appropriate program at Sweet Briar College and must conform to College policy as detailed below.
  • No credit will be granted for a course taken at another institution, including JYF in Paris and JYS in Seville, if the grade obtained is below a C-. No transfer credit will be allowed for courses taken using the “pass/fail” grading option at another institution, unless “pass” at that institution is the equivalent of a C- or above.
  • Sweet Briar College accepts transfer credit for all dual enrollment courses that meet the College’s basic transfer criteria. The registrar, in consultation with each program, will determine whether or not these courses may count as the equivalent of courses offered by that program. If there is no program equivalent, courses may be granted generic, 100-level credit in the program. Only dual-enrollment courses transferred as Sweet Briar College course equivalents may be used to satisfy general education requirements. In accordance with Sweet Briar’s policy for other transfer credits, an official college, university or community college transcript must be sent to the registrar, and credits will not be awarded for courses receiving a grade below C-.
  • No more than 18 semester hours of summer school work will be allowed toward the degree. In order to ensure that credit will be transferred, it is strongly recommended that students obtain written permission of the programs concerned and the registrar BEFORE enrolling for summer school courses. If prior permission is not obtained, students must request approval of the courses no later than the end of the fall term following summer school, or credit will not be given. Transfer credit will depend on written approval of summer work by the programss concerned and the registrar. Exception: Students who have earned an associate’s degree and transfer to Sweet Briar under an articulation agreement may have all associate’s degree summer courses transferred according to the College’s transfer credit policy. Transfer students for whom 18 or more summer credits are accepted will not be allowed to transfer additional credits for summer courses taken after they enroll at Sweet Briar.
  • A maximum of 17 credits of transfer work will be accepted for students spending one semester abroad and a maximum of 35 credits for a year abroad.
  • Credit is tentative until the student has completed one year’s work at Sweet Briar with a credit ratio of at least 2.000.