Tips for Non-residential Students

Academic Life


The registrar’s office is located on the third floor of Prothro Hall. The office is open Monday through Friday.

Schedule time to meet with the registrar for a degree audit. That will help you stay on track with the academic credits needed for your major.

Dean’s Office

The dean’s office is located on the first floor of Fletcher Hall. Staff can answer your questions and assist with academic issues.

Academic Advisor

Schedule time to meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester. He or she will assist you with selecting classes. In future semesters, you will register for classes online at my.SBC.

Social Life

College is what you make of it. Just because you don’t live on campus doesn’t mean you are not a part of it! Each and every one of us comes together to make up the Sweet Briar community.

Make an effort to come to events on campus.

Check your Sweet Briar Gmail account daily. This is the main form of communication on campus.

Social Class Year

To participate in all class traditions, pick a social class year in accordance with your graduation year. This is how you will receive class-specific emails about class meetings and traditions. To change your social class year, contact the registrar at


Click here to check out details of all of these traditions and more.

  • First-year traditions include Big Sister/Little Sister, the Rock and Hitching Post Fight (first-years own the hitching post, sophomores own the rock) and the Freshman Show.
  • Sophomore traditions include Secret Sophomores, Rock and Hitching Post Fight and the Sophomore Bonding Experience.
  • Junior traditions include the Junior Bench, Junior Week and Junior Banquet.
  • Senior traditions include Senior Robes, Senior Stairs, Senior Week and the Senior Toast.

Get Involved with SGA

We encourage all non-residential students to get involved in the Student Government Association (SGA). This year you can participate in the election process. Elections are held the first three weeks of September. Keep an eye out for emails from SGA. A non-residential student representative will represent your concerns and share information with you. Think about running for office yourself! But at minimum, get to know the candidates and vote!