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Composing Outside the Box

September 28, 2022

It’s not every day that a composer’s style combines Philip Glass and Beck and yet, that’s exactly what music professor Joshua Harris does. And now, his creativity and innovation have been recognized by the Barlow Endowment at Brigham Young University: he’s been commissioned to compose a new piece for Hub New Music next year.

US News & World Report recognizes Sweet Briar’s Excellence

September 12, 2022
Benedict colonnade

Five years ago, Sweet Briar introduced the women’s leadership core, replacing conventional general education requirements. We also instituted a sustainable budget model. Since then, the College has been single-minded in improving its streamlined academic program and deepened our commitment to women’s leadership. Sweet Briar invested in its agricultural heritage and widened its curricular offerings in […]

Adventuring in the Great Smoky Mountains

August 9, 2022

Summer is the perfect time for new jobs, internships and new adventures. The Sweet Briar College Outdoor Program recently took advantage of exactly that. Director of Outdoor Programs Mikel Mayo-Pitts and five students spent four days on an expedition to the Great Smoky Mountains. “I was looking for locations that were within a drivable distance […]

Verda Colvin ’87 Joins the Board of Directors

August 2, 2022

At its summer meeting in July 2022, the Sweet Briar Board of Directors voted to add Verda Colvin ’87 to its membership. If you didn’t know Judge Verda Colvin ’87 before March 29, 2016, you probably know her now — thanks to a viral video showing her lecture a group of troubled youth. As superior court […]

Sweet Briar College exceeds expectations

July 18, 2022

Fiscal year 2022 was another record fundraising year for Sweet Briar College, with gifts totaling $25.6 million. This includes unrestricted gifts of more than $7 million from alumnae and friends, as well as restricted funds for scholarships, capital, endowment and other needs. The total also includes lead gifts for its upcoming campaign, several of which […]

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