Selecting Your Courses

Selecting your courses for your JYF in Paris semester is a three-step process:

  1. Tentative Program of Study

    During the application phase, students will select a tentative program of study in consultation with their academic advisor according to the requirements of their home school from the range of available courses at JYF’s partner institutions. Students will be registered at one of the Paris universities based on this selection.

    To assist you in your selection, please consult this list of subjects, where each is taught and the representative sample of courses taken by recent JYF students as well as the sample enrollments. Select your tentative courses from the available courses listed under each partner institutions in Paris.

    Note: University course catalogs do not change significantly from year to year. While the final course lists are not announced by the Paris universities until just prior to each semester, you can expect many of the same or similar courses to be offered each year.

  2. Individual Advising Meeting with the Program Director

    Upon arrival in Paris, the JYF program director will meet individually with each student to advise on students’ course selections. Your final course selection during orientation will be made based on the latest information available. Students then have a “shopping period” during which to finalize their course selection.

    Students’ courses may change and students should, at this time, also consult with their academic advisor(s) and study abroad office at their home college to verify that their home school’s requirements are satisfied and to approve any course changes.

  3. Confirmation of Courses (Within the First Four Weeks of the Semester)

    Within the first four weeks of the semester, students will submit a programme de cours listing their final course selection to the director. Any subsequent changes must be approved by the director.

    JYF strongly recommends that students save all material related to their course (bibliography, syllabus, etc.) in case there is any question about the course content upon return to their home university.