Safety and Health

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our students is always of utmost priority for Sweet Briar College, JYF in Paris. In light of the current climate and terrorist activity in Europe, concerns about real and perceived threats to US citizens, both at home and abroad, are not unfounded. However, we wish to assure you that the JYF program and staff in Paris and Virginia are well prepared, based on the JYF in Paris Risk Management Plan to ensure that students are kept as safe as possible at all times. We maintain channels for communication, educate students about ways to stay safe by helping them take personal responsibility for their own safety, and urging them to follow our guidelines at all times.

The JYF office, located at Reid Hall administered by Columbia Global Centers, 4 rue de Chevreuse in the 6th arrondissement of Paris is on a quiet residential neighborhood. Furthermore, we feel that living with a host family in residential neighborhoods all around the city provides students with another layer of safety. Host families often become crucial anchors helping students learn their way around the city.

Emergency contact information for JYF is shared with students, advisors and parents prior to departure.


Living and studying in Paris is, for many, an exciting dream come true. Finding yourself in a large, unfamiliar city and culture can also be a physically and mentally challenging experience. In order to enjoy a successful semester in Paris, one must remain healthy, both physically and mentally. Before departure, it is important for students to discuss their travel plans with medical professionals so that they can be as prepared as possible. As part of the JYF application process, we ask that students fully share any physical or psychological pre-existing conditions or special needs with JYF in Paris by indicating this on the JYF Confidential Health History form.

In this way, JYF staff can take this into account in selecting host families, make arrangements in advance for any necessary special needs, and be prepared in case treatment is needed while abroad. This includes any physical, dietary, and mental issues. This information will be shared only with certain personnel at JYF in Paris, medical providers or hosts, if necessary, and except in unusual cases, answers will not affect your admission to the program.

All students are covered by the CISI comprehensive insurance plan. We also recommend that students verify if their current family insurance policy offers coverage abroad and maintain this policy while in Paris. The policy covers students for the duration of their semester/year with JYF. The plan also has a Team Assist Plan which provides the students with a 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service while travelling. There are certain exclusions and limitations for pre-existing conditions.