Partner Institutions in Paris

Sweet Briar College-JYF in Paris Courses

JYF’s in-house courses are exclusively for the JYF students and held at the JYF center at Reid Hall; they include French language, art history, Paris history, theatre, international relations and political science.

Fall Courses

  • Expression écrite
  • Histoire de l’Art en France du XVIII et XIX siècles
  • Paris Palimpseste: Histoire de Paris à travers son architecture
  • Atelier théâtral — pratique de la langue française
  • La France et l’immigration: le défi de l’intégration

Spring Courses

  • Expression écrite ou Grammaire et syntaxe avancées
  • Impressionnisme et Post Impressionnisme
  • Théâtre et mise en scène
  • Paris Palimpseste: Histoire de Paris à travers son architecture
  • Black Paris
  • L’Europe, de la guerre à la paix (1914-2017): Histoire du continent européen à travers le cinéma


Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

  • Specializes in the humanities and communications including: French and comparative literatures, foreign languages (English, Arabic, Italian, German, Spanish), applied linguistics, cinema, media studies, communications, theater, linguistics, English and American studies, European Studies (political science) and Latin American Studies.
  • Available Courses

Sorbonne Université

  • Offers courses in the humanities, social sciences, art history and music including: art history, music and musicology, French and comparative literature, linguistics, history (and political history), classics, Latin, Greek, philosophy, sociology, geography, Foreign Languages and area studies (English, Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Eastern European and Slavic language studies).
  • Available Courses

Université de Paris

  • Offers courses in social sciences, humanities and natural sciences including: history, sociology, anthropology, economics, literature, comparative literature, psychology, biology, chemistry, math, computer science and physics. Note: Université de Paris requires a demonstrated B2 level in French in order to register at this university. Students will be required to take a formal language assessment prior to May 1 for Fall semester or year or November 1 for Spring semester.
  • Available Courses

Other Institutes and Schools


  • German language (requires prior college-level study)

Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP)

  • Course offerings include literature, history, philosophy, phonetics social sciences and religious studies.

Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO)

  • INALCO offers majors in African, Asian, Eastern European, Oceanian and Native American languages and civilizations. Ninety-three languages are taught at INALCO, from beginner-level classes to post-graduate studies.

Instituto Cervantes de Paris

  • Spanish language (requires prior college-level study)

The American Business School of Paris

Art Schools

Ecole du Louvre

  • L’Ecole du Louvre is a highly selective institution for the study of art history, archaeology, epigraphy, and museology taught by art specialists and curators. Note: Access is limited to full-year students and requires application in advance.

Arts Studios

Ateliers Terre & Feu

  • Drawing, painting, modeling, sculpture
  • Except for majors, studio art courses must be a 5th course. May require extra fees for materials or lab at the students’ expense.

Institut International de Danse Janine Stanlowa

  • Dance

La Schola Cantorum

  • Dance, music

Les Ateliers du Carrousel

  • Drawing, painting, sculpture


  • Photography

Academic options may also include an internship and an independent study project.