Cesar Dominguez, Williams College

JYF in Paris, Spring 2016

Cesar Dominguez copy


Major(s): Biology

Why did you choose JYF in Paris? 
I wanted a program that provided home stays and internship opportunities.

What and where did you study while in Paris?
I studied in Reid Hall with Sweet Briar, in the la Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3 and did an internship.
FRLG 302 Grammaire et syntaxe avancees (Sweet Briar, JYF in Paris)
LING L2F003 Semantique (Université de Paris 3- Sorbonne Nouvelle)
STAGE Internship – Institut Alfred Fournier
RTH SBC 342 Paris Palimpseste: Histoire de Paris a travers son architecture (Sweet Briar, JYF in Paris)

Were your courses approved to count for your major(s) or Minor(s)?
The courses were all approved for my minor (French) and my internship was accepted toward my graduation requirement (it was accepted as a class but not toward a specific department).

What were the best parts of the experience for you?
The best parts included having time to make your own schedule to explore a lot of FREE events, museums and parks. I also enjoyed having access to a plethora of events happening all the time, including theater, operas, dancing and art everywhere!

What was your greatest challenge?
Making sure to stay organized so that I could do everything I wanted to accomplish.

What advice would you give to future students?
I would advise students to have honest reflections to think about the things that they wish they could do but haven’t had time to do while studying in the United States. For example, I found volunteering opportunities, but I also wish I would have read more on my own because I had plenty of time to do so. As anywhere else, I would recommend regular times set aside to reflect on your experiences to better inform yourself about your subsequent adventures.