Student Employee Supervisors

Posting a New Position

Hiring a Student Employee

  • You are required to submit an Intent to Hire form for every student worker in your department once they are hired and before they begin working. Make sure the form is filled out completely, and that both you and the student sign the form.
  • Please ensure you clearly identify on the form who will serve as the student’s Time and Attendance approver. The approver is responsible for approving and submitting to payroll all hours worked for the student in that pay period. Failure to approve and submit time by the posted deadlines will result in delayed payment to the student.
  • There is additional new-hire paperwork that all students are required to complete and submit to the CSE office prior to beginning work in your department. Once a student is hired and the Intent to Hire form has been submitted, the student should immediately schedule time with CSE to complete any additional required paperwork.

Student Employment Performance Management

  • As supervisors, you are required to complete a performance evaluation for every student position reporting to you. If you have a student who is working two different jobs, both reporting to you, you are required to do an evaluation for each position individually.
  • Performance evaluations are due at the end of the semester in which the student position ends. For students working only in the fall semester, evaluations are due before you leave for winter break. For students working the entire academic year, or only working in the spring semester, evaluations are due before you leave for summer break after graduation.
  • The performance evaluation form is used not only for end-of-position evaluation, but for performance management issues that may arise throughout the course of the student’s employment, and/or if a student resigns or is terminated from her position throughout the academic year.
  • All evaluations should be sent via email or campus mail to Robbie Childress in human resources. The supervisor and student both need to sign and date the evaluation, and ensure it is completely filled out with all requested information before submitting the form to HR. Incomplete evaluation forms will be returned to the supervisor for correction.