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Medical Insurance

Health coverage is available through Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), which includes access to a wide range of network providers. We offer a preferred-provider network option (PPO) and a high-deductible health plan option (with a Health Savings Account). The highest level of benefits is available for those who access care through an in-network medical provider; however, reduced benefits are available for services by non-network providers.

  • The PPO plan also includes prescription drug coverage.
  • Vision care is included for those enrolled in the Anthem health plans. The plan allows for annual eye examinations, as well as eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Sweet Briar College shares the cost of premiums with eligible employees, and employees may elect to cover family members for additional cost. Coverage begins the first of the month after the start of employment or a qualified family status change. Retirees younger than age 65 are eligible to participate in the medical insurance plan at a higher premium.

PPO: Preferred Provider Organization
HSA: Health Savings Account

Flexible Spending Accounts

Eligible employees may choose to save for out-of-pocket medical expenses (deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance or other qualified medical expenses) or dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis, and then receive reimbursement for those expenses. This benefit gives employees an even greater opportunity to increase their take-home pay by reducing their taxable income. FSAs are managed through LD&B Benefits Administrators.

Health Savings Account

For eligible employees who enroll in the high-deductible health plan, a Health Savings Account (HSA) is available. The College currently makes a contribution to each employee’s HSA. Participants may also contribute pre-tax dollars to their accounts. These dollars are used to help pay for the cost of out-of-pocket medical expenses. Unused dollars may be saved or invested. The benefit manager, Health Savings Administrators, helps the College administer this benefit.

Dental Insurance

Eligible employees may enroll in dental coverage through Delta Dental Plan of Virginia, which provides basic and preventative services. The College pays most of the cost for the employee for the low plan. Additional high-plan coverage, which includes coverage for restorative dental work and children’s orthodontia, is available for an additional monthly premium.

If coverage for your spouse, same-sex partner, or family is desired, the employee will be responsible for the premium cost for this coverage. Coverage begins the first of the month after the start of employment or a qualified family status change.

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier Low Plan

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier High Plan

Vision Insurance

Eligible employees may enroll in additional vision coverage through UniCare Vision, which provides coverage for eye exams, contact lens fittings, contact lenses, eyeglass frames and lenses. While Anthem offers a base level of vision coverage through the medical plan offerings, UniCare provides greater allowances and discounts on materials such as eyeglass frames, lenses and contact lenses.

Individual employee, family and dependent coverage is available. Coverage begins the first of the month after the start of employment or a qualified family status change.

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