Honors Degree Requirements

The path to an Honors Degree consists of five to six classes (13-16 credits) taken by all honors students concurrently and over all four years. Students must achieve a 3.4 overall GPA and take the following courses:

  1. CORE 110H Design Thinking (3 credits, required grade: P). As an honors section of the first 3-week core class that all entering first-year students take, this class will bring the cohort together.
  2. CORE 130H Women in the World (3 credits, required grade: B or better). This course will bring honors students back together in the sophomore year for another shared experience.
  3. HNRS 399 Honors Summer Research Project or HNRS 470 Junior Research (3 credits, required grade: P/B or better). Students will prepare for their senior research through either the Honors Summer Research Program or Junior Research. Both will be supervised by an advisor in the student’s major.
  4. HNRS 471 Honors Thesis Proposal (1 credit, required grade: P). This course will be taken in the fall 3-week session of a student’s senior year. Taken with all other students intending to graduate with an Honors Degree, this course will encourage collaboration, critique, and cross-disciplinary discussions as students prepare to begin their intensive senior research.
  5. HNRS 472 Senior Honors Research (3-6 credits, required grade: B+ or better). A student’s senior research may take place over one or two semesters (depending on discipline), following the guidelines currently established by participating majors and supervised by an advisor in the student’s major as well as two additional thesis committee members.

Any student may submit a petition to the Student Advancement Committee at honors@sbc.edu, requesting honors credit for alternate course work, including honors variants, in order to meet the course requirements for the Honors Degree.