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The Top Four Things to Remember When Using the Online Calendar to Schedule an Event

If you have a public event that requires you to reserve a space for set-up time or take-down time, you will need to create multiple events in the system.

Why? Because the time you put in is the time that appears on the public calendar. So your public event times need to be exactly when you expect the public to be there.

Example: You’re having an afternoon performance in Pannell that will require time to set up microphones and lighting before the event and time to take down that equipment when the event is over. You want to reserve the room for the whole day, but only part of the day is the performance itself. You’ll create three events:

  1. Set-up time from noon-1:45 p.m. Not open to the public.
  2. The performance itself from 2-4 p.m. A public event with a full description of the event you’re hosting. This is the time that will appear on our public calendar with your event listing.
  3. Take-down time from 4:15-6 p.m. Not open to the public.

Note that the system requires 15 minutes between events in the same space. An event also cannot be scheduled for the same day.

The person who enters the event into the system is the person whose contact information will be associated with that event.

Although she wants to be helpful, Debbie can’t add calendar items on your behalf. The reason for that is that if a member of the public or community has questions, they’ll reach out to whoever created that event. As such, it’s important for that person to be able to answer those questions.

If you want your event included in the list of campus events we send to the media, you must mark your event as public.

We regularly send lists of events to the media. If your event is marked as public, we’ll include it in our distribution to media outlets. If it isn’t marked public, it won’t be included. Note: Different kinds of media require different lead time. For example, the Lynchburg paper requests we send a list at the beginning of every month for the following month (e.g. November events had to be sent on Oct. 1). One of the local magazines wants the list every two months. Put your event on the calendar as soon as you know about it so we can help you market it.

If you are having a public event, it's important to include an accurate and engaging description.

You can find our public calendar here. Members of the community, both internal and external, consult this calendar regularly to see what’s happening. If your event lacks a description, people may be less likely to attend. You should include all relevant information for people who may be attending the event, including a link to an online RSVP form, if necessary. Please do not just repeat the title of your event in the description.

Other Important Things to Remember When Scheduling an Event

Are you having your event in the library?

If so, please communicate with library staff to let them know if there’s going to be a rearrangement of furniture. Remember, the library staff does not handle work requests of any kind. To submit a work order for the rearrangement of furniture, use this online form.

Also, the library appreciates if you schedule events during normal operating hours. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but please remember that a member of the library staff must be in the library during your event. When your event happens after hours, it requires the library to shuffle work schedules to accommodate that.

Are you requesting tables, but no food?

Be aware that tables do not come skirted unless you also order food. If you want skirting for a table but you’re not ordering food, contact Cathy Mays.

Do you need specific photos for your event?

You can schedule general event photography by filling out the event support form. However, if you need specific photos (e.g., of a particular individual or group), you’ll need to send an email of your shot list to Cassie Foster before your event. Please note that the Office of Communications cannot cover every event on campus.