MAP Form

M — mid-term warning
A — academic (general)
P — personal

The MAP system is a partnership between faculty, staff and the dean’s office designed to assist students experiencing academic or personal difficulties. Click here to view some examples of MAP form language that other faculty have used.

You may submit this form as many times as needed at any point throughout the semester.

If you answer Yes to “Should this notice be sent to the student without modification?” the MAP notice will be forwarded to the student along with helpful suggestions to help her address the issue(s).

If you answer No, the Student Success & Accessibility Services Director will communicate the general concern of the MAP notice without including the specific text. If you do NOT want the student to be contacted, say that in the Confidential Information box on the last page.

Please note that information provided via this form will be placed in the student’s file in the dean’s office. Note that students have a legal right to view their files should they request them.

If appropriate, the deans and/or Student Success & Accessibility Services Director will contact the identified student to encourage her to seek out available resources — including, but not limited to, services through the ARC, departmental tutors, meeting with instructor, etc.

If you feel a student is in immediate danger to self or others, please contact campus safety and/or the Office of Student Life (Ext. 6134) or campus safety (Ext. 6111).

To submit a Midterm Academic Progress Report, click here.