Updates to our COVID protocols

Due to the current status of the pandemic and after listening to feedback and suggestions from our community, the College’s COVID task force has made the following updates and clarifications to our response to COVID:


It is important that individuals wear masks with the highest protective properties that they can consistently wear comfortably, such as KN95 masks. If you would like a KN95 mask, please let your supervisor know.

Also, if you know students in need of a KN95 mask, the Office of Student Life currently has a supply, and students may stop by their office during regular business hours.

Campus guests

Starting immediately, all guests to the College will be asked to provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations or a negative test within the previous 48 hours.

Guests who cannot provide this documentation are not allowed in communal living spaces, which include residence halls and Prothro Hall dining areas. Those guests may still enter campus and enjoy our outdoor spaces and other indoor public areas such as the Fitness and Athletic Center. These restrictions are extended to student guests and social events.


Sweet Briar is positioned to live and learn together safely because of our high vaccination rate, low positivity rate and because the community takes our safety measures to heart.

While we are committed to delivering in-person instruction, the College recognizes that there may come a time that we may need to deliver some or all aspects of the academic program virtually, should a significant portion of our community test positive. At this point, the number of cases and where we are in the academic year indicates that our campus is safe to live and learn in person.

We thank our faculty and staff for continuing to be supportive, understanding and responsive.

Isolation and quarantine

We are following the updated CDC guidelines for isolation and quarantine and will continue to use LiveSafe for notifications. The current CDC guidelines can be found here.