Information about COVID-19 for the start of the 2021-22 academic year

Dear Members of the Sweet Briar Community,

As we begin to welcome everyone back to campus for the 2021-22 academic year, we anticipate that the vast majority of our community will be vaccinated. This enables us to return to a life that is as normal as possible. Vaccination is especially important now because studies show that it helps protect against the highly contagious Delta variant, which has caused localities like Los Angeles County in California to reinstate indoor mask mandates.

If you have not already provided proof of vaccination or submitted a request for an exemption, please complete this process before Aug. 1. After that date, those who have not done the above will not be permitted to work and students will not be permitted to arrive on campus.

Students, faculty, and staff who are vaccinated are not required to wear masks on campus or socially distance.

Those who are not vaccinated must continue to wear masks and, when possible, adhere to social distancing guidelines. Individuals (students or employees) who violate this policy will be subject to progressive disciplinary policies. In addition, we will conduct regular COVID-19 testing of unvaccinated members of our community. An unvaccinated person can expect to be tested at least once per month. Please note that unvaccinated employees who come down with COVID-19 or who are identified as close contacts will, depending upon the circumstances, need to use sick time, vacation time, or unpaid administrative leave while they recover or during quarantine protocols.

Although vaccinated members of our community are not required to wear masks, many people choose to wear masks for a variety of reasons. Indeed, we encourage members of our community to wear a mask if they feel comfortable doing so and to protect others from illnesses other than COVID-19, including cold and flu.

Every member of our community will be treated respectfully, regardless of their presumed vaccination status or their desire to wear a mask.

No vaccine or policy is foolproof. Therefore, we ask that you continue to monitor your symptoms and request a test if you suspect you have been exposed or are concerned that you may have COVID-19. Although daily checking using LiveSafe is not required, you may use the app to inform us if you have concerning symptoms. Jodi Canfield ( will continue to be our community contact and she will help you access resources if you are concerned you may have COVID-19.

If you have questions or concerns about our policies regarding COVID-19, or if you need to submit your proof of vaccination or request an exemption:

You can also submit questions to at any time.

Thank you for your help in keeping our community safe!

President Meredith Woo