COVID Safety

Dear Members of the Sweet Briar Community,

I’m writing to remind everyone again that we must all maintain our vigilance about COVID-19. While the signs are good – rates of infection across the country and within the Commonwealth of Virginia are decreasing, and the number of people getting vaccinated is increasing – life has not yet returned to “normal.”

We cannot let down our guard. The virus is still among us. We can still become infected, right here on our own campus. In fact, you may have noticed if you checked the COVID-19 dashboard today that we are now unfortunately experiencing a number of active cases among the employees.

That’s why I’m asking everyone to continue to follow our COVID protocols. With the end of the semester within our sights, we can’t fail now. Please keep wearing your masks, keep socially distancing, keep washing your hands. Be careful and cautious, both indoors and out.

I know that none of this is easy; I know that everybody is tired of the precautions. But they’re there for good reasons. This community has done such a marvelous job in keeping one another safe and well throughout this academic year. Let’s continue to do all that we can to help one another.

I’m very pleased to learn that some members of our own community have had their first shot, and these tidings make us all feel hopeful about the future.

Thank you, and be well.

Meredith Woo