Keep yourself, your friends and your family healthy

As we come to the end of the semester and you begin to pack up to go home for the long break, we wanted to send out a few reminders to help keep us all safe until we return in January.

Before you go

Get a flu vaccination!
If you haven’t yet had your flu shot, please schedule an appointment in the health clinic. To make an appointment, you can reach them at 434-381-6103.Do you need to quarantine?
Review the regulations regarding travel to wherever you’re going. You may need to provide a test to show you are COVID-free prior to arrival or have a quarantine period after your arrival.

Minimize your risk before you leave. Stay on campus!
We’ve been incredibly lucky this semester—thanks for your hard work in making that so! Please continue to be diligent, particularly in these last two weeks before you head out for break. Soon, you’ll be coming into contact with your friends and family and you can help keep them healthy by keeping yourself healthy.

A positive test or exposure in the last two weeks?
Should you test positive in these last two weeks, you should be prepared to potentially stay in isolation on campus. We want to make sure that we’re doing all we can to keep your families safe as well and prevent the spread of the virus. Contact me if you have concerns or questions.

As you travel

Limit stops.
The fewer people you come into contact with on your way, the better. Take a direct flight, if you can. Reduce the number of stops on your road trip by packing snacks.

Delay travel if you’re sick or have been exposed.
Again, if you feel you may have been expose or if you’re not feeling well, reach out to me to discuss potentially staying on campus until you can be sure you’re healthy.

Remember your face mask!
Wherever you travel, be sure to take precautions. Pack a face mask (or several). Carry hand sanitizer. When possible, maintain 6 feet of social distance. Pack disinfectant wipes and wipe down surfaces.

When you arrive

Depending on where you travel, you may be required to quarantine. Even if you’re not required to, you should consider quarantining for 14 days when you reach your destination. Even if you haven’t been exposed here, you may be exposed as you travel. If you quarantine at home, use a separate bathroom, use separate dining ware, wear a mask and avoid physical contact.

Be mindful of your mental health.
It’s been a long semester and we know it’s not always been easy. It may be nice to be with friends and family, but you may still feel sad or anxious. Please reach out to your primary care provider or to the staff at Horizon Behavioral Health if you feel as though you need mental health support.

Stay healthy before you return.
We look forward to having you back on campus in January. Prior to your return, please take due caution to keep yourself healthy so that during our spring semester, we will be just as successful at keeping COVID at bay. We can do this together!