How to Schedule, Plan and Market Your Event

Visit the online calendar of featured events and determine if there are already events planned on your date or in your location.

There can be a lot of events on campus on any given day, with certain months (September, October, April and May) particularly heavy. When you’re planning the date for your event, you should first review the calendar for existing events that might conflict with yours — either because the space you want is booked or because too many events at one time can reduce the number of attendees at any of them.

Reserve your space.

Once you’ve settled on a date for your event, reserve your space. You should do this as quickly as possible after you’ve nailed down your date. Primarily because delaying may mean you lose out on your location. In addition, the sooner you post your event on the calendar — particularly if it’s a public event — the more likely it is that the Office of Communications can help you market your event. Make sure to review the top four things to remember when you are entering your event on the calendar.

Submit work orders.

Events often require people from around the College to come together to make them successful, though certainly some events are more complicated than others. Common work requests include catering, technology, physical plant and communications. Fortunately, there are online work orders for all of these areas.

  • Help Desk: for AV/technology and physical plant work orders
  • Catering: Meriwether Godsey is our exclusive catering partner.
  • Communications: The Office of Communications can help you market your event before it happens and support your event while it is happening. We can design posters and programs, write a press release, create a video and take pictures. All of those services can be requested using our online form.

You can reach these online forms from the event scheduling page, too. Keep in mind that in all cases, the more time you give us, the better we’ll be able to support your event.

Market your event.

Filling out the communications event support form will get the process started. But while the communications staff can help create posters and press releases (in some cases), you’ll need to determine where to put the posters and arrange to have that done (or do it yourself). If you’re scheduling a public event, the communications office can help you decide where, besides campus, you might put your posters.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need AV or technology help for my event. What do I do?

Fill out an online work order. If you need a livestream or recording of your event, this is a request for the technology help desk, not the communications office.

I need catering for my event. Who do you recommend? How to I make that happen?

Meriwether Godesy is our exclusive catering partner. Click here to learn more and to request catering support.

I need help creating a poster and a program for my event. What do I do?

Fill out this form on the communications website. With that form, you can request all kinds of event support, including programs, posters, video and photography support.

I need photographs of my event. How do I request that?

Fill out this form on the communications website. With that form, you can request all kinds of event support, including programs, posters, video and photography support.

How do I get people to attend my event?

  • The first thing you should do is put your event on the public calendar. That way, it will appear on our online public calendar and it will get sent to media outlets. The communications staff will also write a press release (if appropriate) and post on social media (if appropriate). Click here for things to remember when adding your event to the calendar.
  • Click here to request communications support. You can use that same form to request other kinds of communications event support including photography. Note: If the communications office creates a poster for you, we’ll print 25 copies at no cost. Additional copies will cost $0.40 a page.
    • If your event is open to students, send a poster to Jess Austin in student life. She can add it to the student life Instagram account.
    • You can put your poster on the tables in Prothro and post it around campus.
    • If your event is public, think about where your audience might be: local coffee shops, schools, visitor centers, etc. If you would like help thinking about that, contact and we’ll help you brainstorm!

I would like a livestream or a recording of my event. How do I make that happen?

Livestreams and recordings are AV requests, which you can make by filling out this form. Keep in mind that if your event is a guest speaker, the speaker will need to give you affirmative permission to record and/or livestream their program.

Is your question not answered here? Contact us at and we’ll do our best to help you!