And as the College engages in more production agriculture, the center has become the conduit for linking the vineyard, apiary, greenhouse and other farm activities to academic curriculum. Sweet Briar students can explore sustainability, agriculture, and other environmental topics through courses across the curriculum, including:

  • CORE 140: Sustainable Systems
  • BUSN 112: Social and Sustainable Ventures
  • ENVR 201: Agricultural Operations
  • ENVR 205: Environmental Field Methods
  • ECON 205: Economics of Wine
  • BIOL 214: The Plant Kingdom
  • ENVR 215: Environmental Policy
  • ENVR 216: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • PHIL 241: Philosophy of the Environment
  • BIOL 324: Ecology
  • ENVR 325: Energy in the World
  • ENVR 385: Environments and Food in the U.S. South
  • ECON 342: Environmental Economics
  • ENVR 344: Environmental Chemistry
  • ENVR 356: Natural Resources Management
  • ENVR 382: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

In addition, we’ve launched a certificate program in Leadership in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.

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