Our Mission, Goals and Work

Our Mission

The center strives to cultivate creativity through the fine and performing arts and to provide opportunities for collaboration among artists, educators, and students across academic disciplines and across global boundaries. The Center serves as the fulcrum and incubator for projects and shared endeavors, including those between VCCA and its Fellows and the educational community of Sweet Briar, creating exceptional opportunities for the support and teaching of creative expression and its application to lifelong learning, fulfillment, and professional development.

Our Goals

  • To engage students in the processes and methods of creative thinking through a 21st century- curriculum that includes mentorship and experiential, project-based learning taught by practicing artists.
  • To foster an understanding of creative expression and its deep value in human society.
  • To integrate creative thinking into the campus environment through collaborative and interdisciplinary experiences for students exploring diverse topics across the arts and sciences.
  • To facilitate engagement with the arts through programs that teach the skills and tools of specific disciplines and the broader practice of creative thinking and expression.
  • To connect students directly to practicing artists and creative professionals working at a high level across a range of disciplines as preparation for a career and life in the arts.
  • To elevate the College’s role as an innovative leader for the arts in higher education, introducing students to artists from around the world working on projects of every scale and purpose, using the campus as a landscape for inspiration, and reshaping the traditional relationship between academia and the arts.

Our Work

  • Serving as the fulcrum for public discourse about art and creativity through forums, lectures, exhibitions, artists’ studio tours, and colloquia open to the public.
  • Leading curriculum innovation in the arts and creativity across the disciplines.
  • Supporting the work of artists through fellowships and connecting them with students.