Sweet Briar Card

The Sweet Briar Card is Sweet Briar College’s official identification card. Issued to all members of the College community, it is required for identification, access to essential campus services and offers a convenient account for making purchases on campus.

The Sweet Briar Card is key to:

  • Meal Plans: Students can swipe the card to access their standard board plan at Prothro dining and to use their Extended Dining Option at Daisy’s Café.
  • Library: Students, faculty and staff can check out materials at Cochran Library using the bar code on their card.
  • Fitness and Athletics Center: Students, faculty and staff can present their card to gain access to the fitness and athletics facilities.
  • Campus Events: Students, faculty and staff can present their card to attend campus events for free.
  • SweetCash: Students, faculty and staff can use SweetCash to buy supplies at the Book Shop, meals and snacks at any on-campus dining location and select vending machines, photocopying, faxing or interlibrary loans at the library, or to do laundry at any campus facility.
  • Off-campus Accepting Locations: CVS Pharmacy in Amherst and Madison Heights; El Mariachi, Domino’s and The Briar Patch restaurants in Amherst

For more information, please visit the Sweet Briar Card website.