We are creators.

The act of making is at the foundation of our humanity, a grand and transcendent expression of who we are. We act. We direct. We compose. We choreograph and dance. We paint and draw. Here at Sweet Briar College, we believe that a deep foundation in the literary, visual and performing arts is not only an essential component of a strong undergraduate liberal arts education — it is a cornerstone of a rich, meaningful life.

Our students are mentored by accomplished composers, musicians, visual artists, directors, choreographers, dancers, curators and creative writers. In workshops, seminars, master classes and lectures, and through individual instruction and internships, our students learn what it means to be an artist.

Through scholarship and experiential learning — the production and presentation of a variety of performances, readings and exhibitions — they are trained to: express themselves in the arts; appreciate and analyze the social and historical context of works of art; to understand the management of arts events and venues; and to develop the skills and tools specific to particular disciplines and more broadly to the practice of creative thinking and expression.