Geographic Clubs and Events

The Office of Alumnae Relations and Development is happy to help you connect with your local alumnae club or plan an event in your area.

Planning a Local Alumnae Club Event

The Alumnae Alliance is part of the College’s 501(c)(3). As such, all club events are part of Sweet Briar’s activities and we have created a checklist to help you and your club follow the fundraising guidelines of the College.

To help you connect to the alumnae relations and development team, who will assist you with this process, please complete the following forms:

  1. Event Planning: Adds your event to our Alumnae Club Events Calendar and gives you the opportunity to request items for your event.
  2. Fundraising Application: Only needs to be completed if your event is focused on raising money and is more than a social gathering or engagement activity.
  3. New College Vendor: Only needs to be completed for new vendors. Previous suppliers are already registered with the College.
  4. Vendor Payment Processing: Required for all payments from the College to vendors for your event. Receipts will be required.

If you have any questions about alumnae club events, please contact:

Rachel Pietsch
P | 434-381-6163
E |

Update Your Contact Information

If you have recently moved and want to connect with the alumnae club nearest you, please make sure you’ve updated your contact information with us.

Regional Alumnae Clubs

To connect with your region or local alumnae club on Facebook, please click here.

Regional Alumnae Clubs