Fundraising for Sweet Briar

Alumnae and supporters of Sweet Briar may be interested in conducting fundraising initiatives to benefit the College. Volunteers who seek to fundraise via promotions and/or sales of products such as T-shirts, mugs, hats, etc. bearing the name of the College or its brands or logos must seek prior written authorization for the fundraiser and the use of the brands. (See the Ownership and Use of College Branding, Logos, Designs, Images section of the Volunteer Handbook here.) These initiatives will be considered by the vice president of alumnae relations and development, who is responsible for coordination with other departments of the College via the application below.

Ownership and Use of College Branding, Logos, Designs and Images

Over the years, Sweet Briar College has developed an identity, both within our community and with the external marketplace. Our brand is how we are identified to the public. We represent the College in many ways — by our actions, by our words, and by use of the College’s identity in the media. Guidance from the College’s team is required whenever we use Sweet Briar logos or other materials in our communications. Unauthorized use of the College’s identity weakens our brand, and we may unintentionally violate state or federal laws.

Sweet Briar College owns and uses a number of valuable brands, logos, images and designs (“branding”), all of which are connected to Sweet Briar and have been used by Sweet Briar, some of them for more than 100 years, such that a person would immediately recognize the source as being Sweet Briar College as opposed to another entity. Current examples of Sweet Briar branding include the text “Vixens,” “SBC,” “Sweet Briar,” “GAME ON!,” “GAME WON!,” designs of the Vixen head, the College logo and the College seal; and photos of the College’s buildings and grounds. There are others, and new examples are created frequently.

Class Fundraiser

If your class wants to sell a particular item to raise funds for Sweet Briar, please complete this form.

Fundraising Event

If you wish to host an event to raise funds for Sweet Briar, please click here to contact your geographic leader.

Business Fundraiser

If you own a business and would like to donate a portion of your sales to Sweet Briar, please complete this form.

Fundraising Volunteer

If you’re interested in exploring ways that you can be a fundraiser for Sweet Briar, please contact:

Clélie Steckel
P | 434-381-6299
E |