Presidential Scholarship Competition

Each year, Sweet Briar College invites its very best applicants to visit campus for a special day of interaction with faculty, alumnae and honors students.

Based on your outstanding application, you’ve been chosen to join us for our upcoming Presidential Scholarship Competition. There will be two: Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, and Monday, Feb.17, 2020 (Presidents’ Day). You’re welcome to attend either event, but we do ask that you register so we can properly prepare for your arrival.

In addition to interviews with faculty and the opportunity to chat with students and alumnae, you’ll be able to attend a demonstration class. At the end of the event, there’s a great chance you’ll be offered a scholarship to help offset the cost of tuition at Sweet Briar. In addition to the scholarship, Presidential Scholars are invited to an annual luncheon with President Meredith Woo and other special guests. At the luncheon, scholars and guests share knowledge and experiences to build connections that will continue to support students, even after graduation. Also, once per 12-week term, President Woo will host Presidential Scholars for a topical discussion on current global events.

Congratulations on your selection for this special event and we can’t wait to host you!