Visit Sweet Briar with our Fly-In Program

Covid 19 update: Fly- in visits to Sweet Briar are temporarily limited but please contact the Admissions Office if you are planning to visit campus and are interested in support for your travel. We have designed a new, personalized virtual campus tour to help you experience Sweet Briar from the safety of your home. Schedule your virtual campus visit today. If you have extenuating circumstances to discuss with the admissions team, please contact us at or 800-381-6142.

There’s no substitute for a visit to Sweet Briar College. We’re so convinced you’ll love Sweet Briar as much as we do that we’re willing to put money on it. Through our fly-in program, we will cover the cost for you and one parent to visit and coordinate an agenda tailored to your interests — and yes, you can drive or take a train if that’s easier for you!

Fly-In ticket

How do I take advantage of this program?

1.  Determine what dates you want to visit campus. We have to know exactly what days you want to arrive and depart campus so we can make your plane/train and room reservations.

2.  Schedule a personal visit or register for an open house. On the registration form, you’ll be able to indicate you’d like to use the fly-in program. This initiates the process with our travel partner, Covington Travel. Or, you may make your own arrangements and we’ll reimburse you.

If you are driving or have arranged your own travel to campus, you can fill out the reimbursement form upon your arrival at the Admissions House for your tour or during Open House check-in.

3. If Covington Travel is making your arrangements: Wait for Covington Travel to contact you to finalize those arrangements (if you are flying or taking the train). They will contact you about a month from your planned visit to finalize your tickets. If you have reached out to us less than a month from your visit, they will contact you within a week of submitting the fly-in form. If you are not contacted by them within a week of submitting the form, please let us know.

Wait for confirmation of your travel arrangements. If you are flying or taking the train, Covington Travel will send you confirmation. If we’ve reserved a room for you at our on-campus hotel, the Florence Elston Inn & Conference Center, we will send you confirmation information about your reservation. Alternatively, you can contact the Elston Inn or another local hotel and reserve a room. The cost of your hotel room is covered by the fly-in program and can be reimbursed by filling out a form upon your arrival at the Admissions House for your tour or during Open House check-in.

4. Come to campus.

What happens when I arrive on campus?

If you arrive during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.), please stop by Admissions House. We will help you start your visit and get where you need to go.

If you’re arriving in the evening or on a weekend, please check in at the Florence Elston Inn. If you’ve rented a car, there is ample parking near the inn and you may use your car to drive around and get to know our campus.

However, if you’ve come by taxi, please note there is limited on-campus transportation and you may need to do some walking. Much of our beautiful campus is centrally located and we invite you to take a walk around. If you’re hungry, you may be able to stop by Prothro Hall to grab a bite to eat. If you’re interested in seeing the Harriet Howell Rogers Riding Center, you may need to walk; it’s about a mile from the central part of campus. You’ll also need to walk to see some of our agricultural enterprises and our athletic fields.

Here’s a map of our campus. You can also pick a copy up at the Florence Elston Inn. If you’d like to grab a bite to eat off campus, here’s a list of local restaurants.

Do I need an actual ticket to take advantage of this program?

No. All you need to do is fill out the form. But you can download a copy of the ticket, if you’d like to have one or pass it on to a friend.

Can I bring both of my parents?

More than one parent can come with you on your visit, but we will only cover the ticket cost for one.

I need to take a taxi from the Lynchburg airport. Does the program cover that cost?

Yes. Let us know that you need a taxi and we will arrange it and cover the cost.

I’m flying in, and need to rent a car. Does the program cover that cost?

We will cover the cost of your rental car for the days that you are visiting Sweet Briar. We will give you a form to fill out to be reimbursed for that.

I live close enough to drive. Will you cover the cost of that too?

Yes! If you are driving, you can fill out the mileage reimbursement form upon your arrival at the Admissions House for your tour or during Open House check-in.

Where will I stay?

We’ll put you up in the dorms with our current students and your parents will be able to stay in the Florence Elston Inn & Conference Center on campus. The cost of your room at the inn, or another local hotel, is covered by the program.

This sounds too good to be true. Is it?

We promise that it is true! It’s a pretty amazing program and we’re so glad you’re interested in taking part in it. We look forward to meeting you!

I still have questions. How do I get them answered?

Email us at We can’t wait to talk to you!