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Create your future
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There’s only one you, one creative, imaginative,
original, outside-the-box, break-the-mold, one-of-a-kind, marvelous you. You’re an artist. And you’re going to light up the world.

You see things in a different way. We do too.

You’re a writer, inventing new worlds, showing us the familiar in new ways. You compose music, or you play a musical instrument (or two or three). You were born to be on stage, a dancer or an actor (or an acrobat). You love to paint and to draw, to take photographs, to throw pots, or to build in 3D.

Inspire and be inspired at Sweet Briar College

You belong at Sweet Briar College, where we believe that creativity is at the heart of human experience, vital in every sector of society from medicine and science to government and commerce. Originality, invention, innovation, creativity – these are how human civilization corrects, advances and flourishes. At Sweet Briar, we celebrate the power of the imagination, the force that drives what is best about the world.

Sweet Briar is your future - now let's get creative.

Enter your name and email below and we’ll send you our Creativity Toolkit – a selection of ideas from the practicing artists on our faculty for how to light up your imagination and keep it burning bright. It’s just one of the ways Sweet Briar College helps you develop creatively, personally, and professionally.


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Center for Creativity, Design, and the Arts
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