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Early Decision Applications are a popular choice for students who have fallen in love with Sweet Briar and are ready to simplify their senior year by locking in their decision. Join 86 of of your peers who have already applied early decision and submit your application before the deadline of November 1, 2020.
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We are women making history. And we know you’re up for it. We’ve designed a journey of challenging academics and hands-on experiences—on campus and beyond—that develop essential habits of mind: how to create ideas in innovative ways, bring talented people together across cultures, think on your feet, and communicate persuasively in any setting or platform.

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Your Sweet Briar experience also includes an in-depth, intentional exploration of your distinctive potential as a leader. In our Women’s Leadership Core, you’ll learn practical, collaborative change-making, preparing you for every role leaders take on—from champion of accountability to financial strategist. You’ll be confident leading from anywhere.

For generations, women have come to Sweet Briar with different dreams and goals. But every one of them leaves ready to be a decision-maker, problem-solver, collaborator, and morale-booster. They’re the conscience and inspiration for their families, their professions, and their communities—women of generous intelligence and an unwavering can-do attitude.

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Upcoming Admissions Events

We’ve designed our events to help you get a true sense of what it’s like to be a student at Sweet Briar College. You’ll socialize with current students and hear about their experiences, tour the Harriet Howell Rogers Riding Center, and eat in the dining hall (it’s delicious!). There’ll be plenty of time for you to ask all the important questions to help you decide if Sweet Briar is right for you. We are currently working on the schedule and further details for the events but make sure you mark your calendar!