Information about Housing Accommodations

Sweet Briar College recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodation in its housing policies and practices where necessary for students with disabilities to use and enjoy College housing. A reasonable accommodation is an exception to the usual rules or policies that a resident with a disability may need to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy College housing.

In circumstances where either your disability and/or requested accommodation is not obvious, you must provide a verification from a reliable third party (e.g., a physician or other medical professional) establishing that you have a disability and that the accommodation is necessary to provide you an equal opportunity to use and enjoy College housing. Requests cannot be considered until this verification form is received directly from your treating professional.

  • “Obvious” disabilities may include, but are not limited to, use of a wheelchair or other mobility device, blindness or other physical disability.
  • “Not Obvious” disabilities may include, but are not limited to, mental or emotional disabilities, allergies and other medical conditions.
  • If the individual’s disability and the necessity for the accommodation are obvious, the individual need only explain what type of accommodation she is requesting. No verification of disability and/or necessity is required under these circumstances.
  • If the disability is obvious but the need for the accommodation is not, the student will be asked to provide documentation to verify that the requested accommodation is necessary. This ensures the individual has equal opportunity to participate fully in College housing. Such documentation may not require information about the individual’s disability.

Click here to apply for housing accommodations

Contact Tony Ryals, assistant dean of student success and accessibility services, or Nakia Johnson, residence life manager, if you have questions about this process.

Note: this request is separate from the request for an emotional support animal. If you need to request an emotional support animal, please complete the emotional support animal request form.