Study in the United States

Off-campus study offers a special opportunity to learn in different venues. Sweet Briar students can observe policymaking in Washington, D.C. at American University or explore nursing courses at the University of Lynchburg. Studying with new faculty at another campus offers fresh insight and enriches your academic experience.

Our approach to off-campus study is rooted in individual advising. We work with you and other institutions to make sure the program you choose fits with your coursework and major — and your ultimate goals.

Seven-college Exchange Consortium

Sweet Briar belongs to a consortium that includes Hampden-Sydney College, Hollins University, Mary Baldwin University, Randolph-Macon College, Randolph College, and Washington and Lee University. Students, usually juniors, can spend a semester or an academic year at one of these colleges. By sharing resources, each participating college expands and extends its offerings. Information is available from the dean’s office.

Tri-college Consortium

A student at Sweet Briar may take a course at the University of Lynchburg or Randolph College in the spring or fall semester, provided the course is not currently available at Sweet Briar. No tuition will be charged in addition to what has already been paid to Sweet Briar, but the student must pay any extra fees or charges. Grades earned at these colleges are accepted in transfer. The College will assist Sweet Briar students to make travel arrangements. The Tri-college Consortium program is not available for courses offered in terms other than fall or spring.

American University Washington Term

An upperclass woman may spend a term in one of several American University programs in the areas of public law, American politics, journalism, international and environmental development, or economic, foreign or domestic policy determination. Applications are due by the middle of the term prior to the Washington Term to the political science program.

Summer Study

Subject to the stipulations set by the faculty, up to 18 credit hours toward a Sweet Briar degree may be obtained in summer study at accredited American colleges and universities, in approved summer programs abroad, and for internships and independent study projects. This work must have prior approval from the academic program and the registrar’s office. Information may be obtained from the registrar’s office.