Music of East Asia

This is a special offering in collaboration with Dankook University in Korea.

Professor Josh Harris will be teaching at Dankook University during summer 2022 and welcomes interested students to join him in Korea

For continuing Sweet Briar students, Grants for Engaged Learning may be available to help defray the travel and tuition costs. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Professor Harris ( Please register using the link below.

Music of East Asia

  • Register by April 30
  • Instructor:  Josh Harris
  • Modality:  TBD
  • Meeting times:  TBD

Even before the 20th century music has acted as a marker of distinct cultural identities even as it flows freely across geopolitical boundaries. Very few cultural markers have had the global impact in such a short span of time as K-Pop has. This course examines the historical and cultural contexts of musical traditions in East Asia since 1900, culminating with a music-theoretical and cultural analysis of K-Pop music and its accompanying tidal wave of Asian philosophy, food, poetry, comics, film, and other cultural markers throughout the Western world.

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