Interdisciplinary Studies

The interdisciplinary studies, or self-designed, major is for students whose interests lie outside of traditional courses of study and who have the ability to work independently, be self-motivated and be agents of their own educational journey.

Students work with faculty in multiple disciplines to construct a coherent course of study that aligns with their interests, and, many times, with an intellectual field that’s either already established or is emerging. There is a GPA requirement to pursue an interdisciplinary studies major.

Along with an advisor and faculty in relevant fields of study, students will look at points where their interests and goals intersect. In the best design, studies are interdisciplinary and created from multiple courses to create a coherent path that captures where students want to go from here. It is all about creating a strategy.

Interdisciplinary studies involves independent study and internships, as well as the ability to take courses at other institutions in our tri-college consortium, which includes Randolph College and University of Lynchburg.

The self-designed major strikes a balance between cultivating the love of learning and serving a practical purpose. The successful student has an intrinsic motivation to learn outside of the traditional academic context and be driven to apply that customized learning in the professional world while pursuing a vocation or a passion.

For more information on designing your own major, contact the dean’s office.