Our Sustainable Future: Concluding Thoughts

This plan is entitled “Our Sustainable Future.” It is designed to situate Sweet Briar on a trajectory that is financially and operationally stable and capable of growth over a prolonged period. At the same time, the plan imagines a future that is sustainable in another sense of the term, sustainable: defensible in terms of its value.

At a time of digital revolution when college-level instruction can be delivered anywhere, any time and at a reduced cost that comes with the economy of scale, Sweet Briar seeks to create a distinctive niche for itself by excelling in areas that buck the trend: superlative liberal arts education that is tailored for the challenges of tomorrow, delivered in small classrooms and in a community that fosters the habits of mind that can help our students live a life well lived. Sweet Briar will always be a residential college where women will grow through experiences that can never be delivered digitally, on-line, anytime, anywhere: It will only be here and now.

The five areas that we identified—liberal arts education centered on women’s leadership, a unique program of engineering for women, sustainability in the remarkable historical and ecological contexts of our land, excellence in equestrian sport and the town-gown effort to bring greater visibility to the campus and the region—are unique to Sweet Briar. We look forward to the next five years of working together as a community to implement our vision for Sweet Briar into a reality.